Αssociate Professor (Hydraulics & Flow in Porous Media)

Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of West Attica



PhD (Fluid Mechanics), University of Patras, Dept of Chemical Engineering, Laboratory of Physicochemical Hydrodynamics & Transport Phenomena (1998). PhD Thesis title: “Macroscopic Theory of Two-phase Flow in Porous Media based on Integration of Pore Scale Phenomena”. Supervisor: Prof. A.C. Payatakes. http://thesis.ekt.gr/11044

Postgraduate Specialization (in Composite Materials), University of Patras, Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineers, Lab. of Applied Mechanics. (1991) “Damage Tolerance in Advanced, Thermoplastic Composite Aerospace Constructions”.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, University of Patras (1989).  


Interests:Fluid mechanics and, in particular, physics and multi-scale modelling of two-phase flow in porous media, continuum mechanics and mechanics of composite materials. Main research activities are focused on the development of the DeProF theory for steady-state two-phase flow in porous media (Valavanides, 2018). Current research efforts are towards the recovery of the universal, relative permeability and energy efficiency maps for two-phase flow in porous media, and the development of a normative methodology for the effective characterization of flows (capillary/viscous) and pore networks. (ImproDeProF project : http://users.uniwa.gr/marval/ImproDeProF.html

Expeditions: ImproDeProF: “Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media: Improvement of the Mechanistic Model DeProF and Implementation in Practical Applications.” Contractor: TEI Athens MlS 379389, Budget: 100,0k€, Duration 2012-2015, Scientific Manager M.S. Valavanides (http://users.uniwa.gr/marval/ImproDeProF.html)

International Collaborations: PoreLab: Norwegian Center of Excellence (2017), NTNU and University of Oslo (UiO), focusing on the physics of porous media using experimental, theoretical and computational methods (www.porelab.no), International Collaborator



Undergraduate, TEI A:     Hydraulics, Land Reclamation & Irrigation, Construction Equipment Management, Hydraulics Lab

Postgraduate, Hellenic Open Univ.:    Construction Project Management


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e-mail: marval@uniwa.gr