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Welcome to REWIND project website

REWIND focuses on one of the most important concepts in wireless network infrastructure that will revolutionize the level of wireless broadband services in terms of network capacity and coverage while reducing operational expenditures. In this concept, the Relay based Wireless Network, will create through proliferation of low-cost, easy to install Relay Stations providing the necessary capacity and coverage to support new wireless applications with similar QoS currently available only through wired broadband service (e.g. DSL). At the same time the Relay Station receiving its capacity from its own access network through an efficient backhauling mechanism will maximize utilization of the infrastructure capacity and spectrum reuse, without the need for additional CAPEX or OPEX associated with dedicated backhaul. As REWIND is looking to develop state-of-the-art technology, products and network that will have effect on the network of the future in the coming years, it will be based on WiMAX, the most advanced, yet available and standardized broadband wireless technology.

REWIND has two main objectives:

  Creation of a complete WiMAX relay based beta network.

  To provide support and directions to WiMAX relay standardization by providing inputs through participation and contributions on the aspects developed in the creation of the beta network.



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