Ongoing Projects

WiCeAR research group participates in various research projects funded by the EC and national resources, having scientific and administrative role accumulating this way a quite extensive experience in performing and managing Research Projects.

1. RElay based WIreless Network and standard (REWIND)

  • FP7 ICT project no: 216751
  • Budget: Total cost is 5.652.564 euros (4.000.902 euros EC contribution). WiCeAR's Budget is 800.000 euros and acts as coordinator.
  • Duration: 01/01/2008-31/12/2010
  • Partners: TEI Athens (GR), Ubiqam (ISR), OTE (GR), AT4 wireless (ES), CODIUM (ES), DesignArt (ISR)
  • Coordinator: Dr. K.N. Voudouris, Asc. Prof. of Telecommunications
  • Description: REWIND focuses on one of the most important concepts in wireless network infrastructure that will revolutionize the level of wireless broadband services in terms of network capacity and coverage while reducing operational expenditures. In this concept, the Relay based Wireless Network, will create through proliferation of low-cost, easy to install Relay Stations providing the necessary capacity and coverage to support new wireless applications with similar QoS currently available only through wired broadband service (e.g. DSL). At the same time the Relay Station receiving its capacity from its own access network through an efficient backhauling mechanism will maximize utilization of the infrastructure capacity and spectrum reuse, without the need for additional CAPEX or OPEX associated with dedicated backhaul. As REWIND is looking to develop state-of-the-art technology, products and network that will have effect on the network of the future in the coming years, it will be based on WiMAX, the most advanced, yet available and standardized broadband wireless technology.

2. Next Generation Millimeter Wave Backhaul Radio (NexGen-MiliWave)

  • Total Budget: 4.000.000 Euros
  • Budget for WiCeAR: 185.000 Euros
  • Duration: 30 months (1/6/09 to 31/12/2011)
  • Partners: Analogies (GR), Fasmetrics (GR), Prisma (GR), Sciensis (GR), ΘΗΤΑ (GR), MFOL-NTUA (GR), APEL (GR), VLSI (GR), ΤΗΜΜΥ-ΑΠΘ (GR), AUTH-PHY (GR), WiCeAR-Group (GR), OTE (GR)
  • Coordinator: Theta Microelectronics
  • Description: NexGenMiliWave is a research project in the framework of Corallia. Its main objective is to develop and demonstrate the operation of an experimental radio modem based on microwave nanoelectronic structures in millimeter-wave frequencies at 60 GHz, which are used in highly secure communications and satellite communications.  The millimeter-wave frequency band has not been widely exploited yet for commercial applications. Nevertheless, this status begins changing as this band is capable of offering high data rates for full duplex wireless communications which can be compared to those of fiber optics. In addition, radio propagation in millimeter-wave frequencies has several advantages such as interference rejection, high level security and frequency reuse.
  • WiCeAR Group role: WiCeAR-Group role in the framework of NexGen-MiliWave is focused on the design and measurements of the microwave structures and the antenna as well as on the field measurements contribution. In addition WiCeAR-Group is involved on the communication standard to be used selection and on channel characterization.