Dr Ioannis Th. Famelis 

Research & Publications

Scientific Interests
Scientific Computing, Numerical Analysis, Numerical Solution Differential Equations (ODEs,  IVPs, BVPs, DDEs, PDEs, Fuzzy DEs, Stochastic DEs), Symbolic Computations, Application of Computational Intelligence methods to computational problems, Neural Netwoks.

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Participation in Scientific Programs
2000-2002 NTUA "Archimedes - Numerical Solution of ODEs based on the equations' Characteristics"
2004-2006 TEI of Athens Program "Archimedes - Computational Methods For Applied Technological Problems"
2004-2006 TEI of Chalkis Program "Archimedes - Numerical and Computational Methods in Science and Technology "
2005-2006 NTUA "Pythagoras - New methods for the fundamental characteristics of atom and electromagnetic field interaction"
2012-2015 TEI of Athens Program "Archimedes III- New Numerical and Computational methods for the numerical solution of differential equations with applications in environmental issues." (Coordinator).
2012-2015 TEI of Sterea Hellas Program "Archimedes III- "Application of computational Intelligence methods to computational Mathematics problems

Projects webpages

Archimedes III project TEI of Athens

Biographical Notes

B.Sc. in Mathematics (University of Athens, 1991)
M.Sc. in Numerical Analysis and Programming (University of Dundee, 1992),
Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics,
           Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations  
           (Dep. of Mathematics, National Technical University of Athens, 1998),
Postdoctoral Research in Numerical Analysis
      (Dep. of Mathematics, SAMPS, National Technical University of Athens, 2000)
             Supported by one year postdoctoral  scholarship from IKY (Greek State
            Scholarship Foundation) 

Teaching Experience
, Department of Informatics and Computer Technology (visiting Lecturer 2000)
Agricultural University of Athens,
Informatics Laboratory, (visiting lecturer 2001-2002)
Department of Mathematics, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, 
National Technical University of Athens (visiting lecturer 2002-2004)
Open University of Greece (Tutor, 2002-2019)
I have worked as a Computer Science Teacher at Athens College. (1995-2005)
T.E.I. of Athens, Department of Mathematics (Assistant Professor, 2005-2013)
T.E.I. of Athens, Department of Mathematics (Associate Professor, 2013)
T.E.I. of Athens, Department of Electronic Engineering (Associate Professor, 2013-2017)
T.E.I. of Athens, Department of Electronic Engineering (Professor, 2017-2018)
University of West Attica, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (
Professor, 2018-...)


General Info
I am a research a research member of microSENSES Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of West Attica.
I have served my military service as a Computer Scientist at the Greek Army Research 
and Development Center. 
I have worked in several EU Programs for the reformation of undergraduate courses at the NTUA.

My Family
I am married to Manuela Georgiakaki and I have one son named Theo.

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Colleagues and Friends
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Contact me

My is ifamelis@uniwa.gr
My postal address:
   Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
   Faculty of Engineering
   University of West Attica
250 Thivon Av.
   GR 12244, Egaleo
   Athens, GREECE

My office is B134 in building B, Campus of Ancient Olive Grove.
My office phone is
   (+301) 210 538 1245 / Department Secretary   (+301)
210 538 1225

Last Update: 11/2020