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The Elecromagnetic Variations (EMV) Research Laboratory of the Department of Electronics of the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Athens was established more than 12 years ago.

Initially, our research work focused on the design and implementation of a versatile Data Acquisition System (DAS), for capturing reliable electromagnetic emissions in LF, HF and VHF band arising from naturally occurring phenomena.

In order to methodically investigate such EM phenomena, it was necessary to study the design of a complete telemetric network, which will be responsible to capture reliable electromagnetic emissions. Recent progress in information technologies provides a great opportunity to improve the accuracy and functionality of telemetry information and to increase time-lead in the information delivery.

Since this was a large and complex project to maintain, the need of special software was obvious. Consequently, our research team focused on design and implementation of software tools that will be responsible for real time monitoring, configuration, management, data collection and data analysis. Considering the methodology process, several programming techniques were studied and the most reliable and suitable were adopted.

Concluding, the application of DAS gave us the opportunity to acquire the levels of EM activity in LF, HF and VHF band during this period, at the area of interest. In order to get more reliable results, we needed to study the most events possible, so the selection of the appropriate geographic region is of high importance. The region of the Western Hellenic subduction zone, which includes the Ionian Islands, has the highest seismic activity in Europe. Some prototype ground-base monitors were installed there. This new prototype EMV telemetric network was launched on 06/2004 and is working up to now. The goal is to find evidence that they are related (or not) to strong earthquake events or other naturally occurring phenomena like solar flares.

Finally, our future work concerns new algorithms to be developed that will offer a more accurate and error free technique for data analysis and representation.