Georgios A. Giannakopoulos

Department of Library Science and Information Systems
Technological Educational Institution of Athens


Independent Work

1) Refugee Greece: Photographs from the Archive of the Centre for Asia Minor Studies, Athens 1992. (Bilingual)
Total citations: 12
Selected citations:
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3) Euretirio Deltiou Kentrou Mikrasiatikon Spoudon [Abstract of Deltio Kentrou Mikrasiatikon Spoudon, vols 1-10],Athens 1998. [cooperation]

4) Ho Ellinikos Fillogikos Syllogos Konstantinoupoleos (1861 -1922). He ellinike paideia kai episteme os Ethnike Politike stin Othomanike Autokratoria. v.2 To periodico tou Filologikou Syllogou os protogenis bibliographike pige [The Literary Assosiation of Constantinople (1861 -1922). The Greek Education and Science as a factor of Ethnic Strategies, v. 2 The journal of the Literary Assosiation as a primary ibliographical source]. (PhD Dissertation, Forthcoming).
Total citations: 7
Selected citations:
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