Digital Communications and Signal Processing Research Group (DiCoSiP)


The DiCoSiP group is part of the Department of Electronics of TEI Athens and it is housed in the Telecommunications Laboratory. Currently, the members of the DiCoSiP group include 5 academic staff (2 from the Dept. of Informatics and Telecommunications, Univ. of Athens), 1 post doc, 1 Ph.D. student and several undergraduate students. The research interests of the group are in the areas of Digital Communications, Mobile and Wireless Communications and Digital Signal Processing.


Members of the group have been involved in several European projects and national initiatives, which have resulted in numerous publications.


The current research of the DiCoSiP group includes the following activities:

a) Wireless Sensor Networks,

b) Opportunistic Spectrum Access and Cognitive Radio,

c) Pervasive Computing

d) Computer Vision Algorithms.