Dr. Daphne Kyriaki-Manessi


Public speaking

1. Immigrant Women and Equal Employment Opportunity, Hellenic Canadian Federation Conference Women in the Workforce Toronto, Nov. 1988.

2. "Historical Research: Some Aspects of the History of the Book", Third Annual Research Forum of the Faculty of Library and Information Science, University of Toronto, , Febr. 1992.

3. Seminar on History of the Book and Written Communication: Some Aspects of the Impact of Historical Research Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, June 1992.

4. "Presentation of the Corfu Guildford Archives "History Department, Ionian University, Corfu, Nov. 1994.

 5. "Role and goals of scholl libraries" National Book Centre, Athens, Nov. 1996.

 6. "School libraries: Collection development". Cephalonia School board, Dec. 1996.

7. "Knowledge management through the use of Information technologies" Corfiot Studies Association, Corfu, Febr. 2000.

8. "The creation of a digital library on Biomass", Technological Park of Salonica, International Working Meeting, Salonica, June 1999.

 9. "Information organizations and information management" Cabinet meeting on "Information society" Athens, Dec. 2000.

 10. "Archives in the information society", Academy of Athens, May 2001.

 11. "Setting the standards for the evaluation of public library services: quality and reality" Seminar for the Pullman Training Workshop, Veria, Sept. 2002.

12. "Library Education in Greece: New Challenges, New Dimensions: European Convergence and European Diversity", EUCLID (European Association for Library Education and Research, International conference, Salonica, Oct. 2002.

 13. "Libraries and European Information Centres", Meeting of the European Information Centres of European Commission, Athens, Nov. 2002.

14. State policy for Public Libraries: Greece Meeting of European Union Public Libraries (Pullman Project), Constantinople, Turkey, May 2002.

15. Public Libraries in the Information Society: Policies and Legislation transformation, Meeting of European Union Public Libraries (Pullman Project), Oeiras, Portugal, March 2003.

16. "Legal deposit and the new definition of book" Meeting within the framework of the Greek Presidency of the European Union, Ministry of Culture, April 2003.

 17. "Taking advantage of new technologies for access to knowledge: libraries and archives" Conference on New technologies in education, Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Salonica, Sept. 2003.

 18."The library servicing education" Working meeting "The book and the libraries as an agent of eduactional process", Zefiri Public School, Athens, March 2006.

 19."Hybrid libraries" Working meeting "From hieroglyphics to internet: reading yesterday and tomorrow" Eleusina Public School, Athens, Oct. 2008.

20. "The History of Information Organization: from Aristotetle to the Alexandrians, from the Byzantines to the Monasteries of the West, from the 19th century to Google. Meeting of the History of Information, May 2013, Law Library of the University of Athens.