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Research  Objectives


The main research objectives of the personnel of LFCM2 are:

·         To conduct research of high quality using methods of Numerical Analysis for problems arising in

o   Atmospheric and Water Pollution Models

o   Biomechanics

o   Bio medical and Bio Chemical Systems

o   Computational Finance

o   Computational Fluid Dynamics

o   Computational Mechanics

o   Computational Modeling in Optics

o   Computational Oceanography

o   Design and Control of Smart Structures

o   Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)

o   Mathematical Modeling and Simulation

o   Nonlinear dynamical systems & chaos

o   Numerical Simulations of Viscoelastic Flows

o   Structural dynamics, control and acoustics

o   Water waves

·         To develop numerical methods, algorithms and computer programs for the solution of the aforementioned problems that can be used in the public and the private sectors.

·         To participate in interdisciplinary research projects, mainly by developing and applying numerical methods and tools for modeling and solving complex problems in the sciences and technology.

·         To provide training for graduates and postdoctoral researchers in Numerical Analysis and related areas.


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